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Prior to any substantial design work or construction our team provides initial project planning, permitting, estimating, cost analysis, value engineering, scheduling and feasibility. We focus on assisting owners, tenants, design professionals and brokers in site selection, existing condition assessments, market analysis, systems design, sustainability and overall project budget.

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The most streamlined and best approach to construction projects. The owner contracts directly with us for design, engineering and construction services or we integrate into the established team under a single contract. By eliminating filters and barriers between the owner, design team, prime contractor, subcontractors and vendors, this method puts all parties on the “same side of the table,” to foster collaboration and teamwork. Decisions are made faster and more accurately, thus saving time and money.

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General Contracting

The traditional method of contracting wherein, the owner hires a design team and a set of bid drawings are meticulously created. The project is then bid to multiple prime general contractors, usually with the intent of determining lowest cost. This arrangement is best suited for government and owner’s with a strong grasp of the concept that will be built. This method of service accounts for a large portion of the work we perform and we are well versed in maintaining strict adherence to plans, specifications and schedules through management of in-house as well as subcontracted work from start to finish.

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Construction Management

As an advocate for the clients needs, we often step into the role of construction manager at the professional consulting capacity to offer the ultimate control of cost and time. The flexibility of CM projects allows for us to manage an owners direct hired forces, manage our own or a combination of both. This method is best utilized on projects of high complexity or many unknown conditions when construction expertise is needed for owner advocacy.

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